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Points are posted. I combined the 23rd and 30th into one listing. Only points that are not included are from the Bandit feature on 8/23. Once I have them, I will add em in and repost.

September 6th Racing Schedule

Regular Show Plus - $1000 to win 360 Late Models - Mechanics Race

Sponsored by MAZUR AUTO Night

Feature Winners from August 30th 2014

Bandit #1 Dante Mancuso
Mini Stock #10 Austin Kotarski
Street Stock #0 Butch Zimmerman
360 Late Model #012 Dave Dubois
Sportsman #20k Kyle Inman

Check out the latest edition to the classifieds page.

Article for August 30th 2014

Austin Kotarski And Butch Zimmerman Repeat Wins

You see people, I have an article this week. You can verify that since you are reading it. Call off the enforcers. So in the past few weeks, Jon Rivers repeated Late Model wins on August 9th and 23rd. Butch Zimmerman won $1000 last week, and repeated this week with a victory. Austin Kotarski has won two Mini Stock features in a row, and I've been threatened by many the woman to write a dam article. Also tonight we thought Chuck Mogavero in the 21 600 Sprint car got tired and took a nap during the race. After further reveiw he was braking to miss an accident and wound up on his side. His Wife Kelly could be heard yelling, "Get up you lazy Ba..Read "More" Here

August 9th Interviews

Phil Vigneri jr Interview August 30th 2014

Dave Dubois Interview August 9th 2014

Josh Pangrazio Interview August 9th 2014

Brad Shepard Interview August 9th 2014

August 23th Interviews

Kyle Inman Interview August 23th 2014

Jon Rivers Interview August 23th 2014

ButchZimmerman Interview August 23th 2014

Austin Kotarski Interview August 23th 2014

August 30th Interviews

Dave Dubois Interview August 30th 2014

Jon Rivers Interview August 30th 2014

Kyle Inman Interview August 30th 2014

Tyler walker Interview August 30th 2014

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For any questions please call Annette Mazur at 585-261-7485 or (tech ?'s) Ferris Hazlett at 585-409-4385.

We are located at the Genesee County Fairgrounds located at Fairview Drive Batavia, NY 14020

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