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2013 Rules and Regulations


1.Derby is open to any hard-tops, wagons. No Imperials (except 1974 and newer). 4 wheel drive trucks need to remove front drive shaft. Trucks will be put in large car heat, or in all truck heat if there are enough trucks.

2.BODY- All vehicles must be stripped of all glass, chrome, trim, side mirrors, plastic and fiberglass panels. Rubber body mounts may be removed — body mount bolt (MAX 5/8” diameter), washers (MAX 4”). Body mounts must still go up in factory locations.. .ONLY EXCEPTIONS ARE THE 2 EXTRA YOU MAY ADD ANYWHERE (MAX 5/8 bolts). No body-to-frame weld. May enhance body lines. No overlay or double effects. MAY RUN #9 WIRE IN SPOTS ANYWHERE INSIDE THE CAR (max 3 wraps per spot).

**STEEL BARS MUST BE.MOUNTED FROM THE FIREWALL TO ROOF** and not attached to halo bar.

3. Gas Tanks – If not under center of car, MUST be moved to the back seat area, securely fastened, and completely covered.

4. FRAME - No alterations or reinforcements to frame. 1 / 2” top frame scam weld allowed. No Imperial sub-frames allowed (NO EXCEPTIONS). Call on patching!

5. TRANSMISSION - Floor shifters allowed. Trans coolers allowed — no rubber hose, Must be metal or hydraulic.

6. BRAKES - All vehicles must have and will be checked for brakes and air cleaner.

7. BUMPERS - May be welded or chained — may run 1 piece of Ό x 3”x 6” long metal per side to help hold on bumper (THAT’S IT!!) May swap bumpers. Use #9 wire in two spots from core support to bumper.

8. REAR ENDS - May be welded. No coil to leaf spring alteration. Three spring clamps per side for stock leafed cars. May have brace but only to strengthen rear end tube. Coil ears can reinforce arms (must retain factory ends).

9. DOORS - Must be chained, wired, OR welded. No Full welded scams. EXCEPT DRJVER DOOR.. All others must be 5” on 5” off.

10. DRIVER COMPARTMENT - One cross bar is allowed behind the seat running door to door - MAX diameter is 6”. Four point roll bars allowed (with halo bar), not extending to the frame. Cannot touch floor panel — must be inside car (not between door skins). Door bars not to extend more than half way on rear doors (60” long). GAS TANK PROTECTORS ALLOWED (MAX 24” wide). Must come off of seat bar and not attach to any sheet metal.

11. EXHAUST - Should extend beyond driver’s seat or you may run stacks.

12. FAN BLADES - Must be clutch type with shroud OR electric fan OR no fan at all.

13. FENDERS INNER - Cutting, folding, or bending is permitted. Six 3/8” bolts in each wheel well opening. Cannot weld inner fenders.

14. HOOD & TRUNK - All hoods can be bolted down with a Max (6) 1’ bolts, wired, OR chained down—TRUNK LID MUST HAVE 18” HOLE IN IT.  Trunk lids must be wired, bolted with ‘t Max (8) 1” bolts chained OR welded 5” on 5” off. No hood latches. Hood openings may have (12) 3/8” bolts.

15. SUSPENSION - Car should be in the 22” range to bottom of bumper. May chain A-arms on Ford and Chevy. May chain rear humps. (Max 3/8” chain). ZTR watts conversion brackets allowed on new style Fords.

16. BATTERY - May be left under hood or moved to passenger side floor (must be held down by 2 straps and covered with rubber mat). Two 12-volt batteries Max.

17. ENGINE COMPARTMENT — Distributor protectors and engine cradles allowed (must not reinforce any part of car). Must remain 5” from dash bar (or bar will be cut out).

18. TIRES - Any 15” allowed. (16” only if factory). No split rims. Inner tubes are allowed. Wheel weights must be removed.

19. ANTI-FREEZE - NOT allowed - only clear water. If seen, you will be disqualified. Flush motor block with water.


21. All cars will be rigidly inspected. JUDGES DECTSION IS FINAL.

22. Drivers must be atleast 18 years old and have a valid license. 16 or 17 year-olds with a valid License must have a Minor Release Waiver signed by a legal guardian. All drivers must fill out an entry form and sign a release waiver.

23. Derby will consist of Heats and a Feature. Number of ears in each heat may vary. Prizes to Heat winners and Feature winner’s based on Total Purse entries; All Heat Winners transferring to Feature must run full size car (no compacts). .

24. ALL DRUGS AND ALCOHOL PROHIBITED. Any contestant or crew member not obeying the rules and regulations will be disqualified. Drivers are responsible for all crew members

25. All contestants will have one minute to restart and/or make contact with a live car. NO TRAPPING WILL BE ALLOWED. All drivers must stay in their ears while on the track. NO SMOKING IN CAR OR ON TRACK.

26. We will stop the event for fire, accident, or safety equipment not being used properly.

27. Safety belts, eye protection, and DOT helmets are required. Long sleeve shirts and pants must be worn, Shorts are not acceptable.

28. Car Registration entry fee admits one car and driver only. Entry fee may vary. There is no limit to the number of cars you enter but each car pays the same entry fee. Same car may be registered for more than one heat. Entry fees are NON-refundable.

29. Any cars not removed by 6:00 AM the next day are property of promoter or fair.