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Article for August 30th 2014

Glenn Whritenour Flew to $1000 360 LM Win

When I say he flew, I not just talking about being fast. I'm talking about cleared for take off, this is a non-smoking flight, all 4 tires off the ground "flew". Here's what happened... (read the article lazy. hahaha I kill me). Darn near didn't race at all though thanks to Mother Nature's moisture. At noon we were leaning towards "no" with the top of the track so sloppy. A little grading, a little packing, a little more grading, little more packing and we had a decent track to race on. A full night of racing to include Mechanics Races, so allow me to get started.

The Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stocks were out for their twenty lap feature with Butch Zimmerman and Josh Pangrazio on the front row. Byron Dewitt in the #34 would start tail in the feature after breaking the flange and losing his drive shaft in the heat. It didn't get any better for Byron in the feature with a weakened tranny that finally let go. Josh's #17 car would take the top spot from Butch on the start, and hold on for the win. The event had a red flag when Bill Kowski's #27c rolled over on the back stretch. A small engine fire allowed the track and safety crew time to warm their hands before dousing the fire. All were Okay!

When it was all over Josh would take home his tenth feature win on the season. I didn't have the opportunity to interview Josh so instead I'll steal some of his comments from Facebook. Not sure it is legal, but no problem, so little I do is anyway. "Really have to thank...Mike Jackson really worked his"..."off on the car last night...with out him this week the car would have never made it to the track". "Thank Bradley Chaddock, Rick Allen, Eric Pangrazio, Lorraine Pangrazio, Tj Downs and just everyone that takes time out of there busy schedule to help me out." "A Gust of Sun Winery, MAC TOOLS, L.D. Stevens Golf Cart, Automotive Solutions, Elder Trucking, Waterport Truck Repair, Big Foot Graphics.....and thank you to my Father Terry Pangrazio for all that you taught me" Butch Zimmerman, Nathan Daggett, Mike Jackson, and Mike Childrose are the top five on the night.

D. C. Enterprise Bandit's were out next in an unusual caution filled night. It didn't seem to bother Dante too much since he drove the #1 car to the number one spot and took home another feature win on the season, and also took the D. C. Enterprise Bandit's Points Championship.

"It's really hard to do all that stuff...know where you're going to go...predict all the other drivers and what they're going to do". "This track today what probably the best it's ever been and it worked out for me". "Thanks to Caesars Auto, they provide the truck, Mancuso Limousine they help me pay for the car..." Nice kid and nice season. David Bohn jr, Andrew Doran, Tommy Cooper and Hala Allen were tonight's top five.

I'll skip over to the Rivers Performance Mini Stocks and their 15 lap feature. I'm only seeing one caution for this class on lap one so kudos to all the drivers for using their heads and their brakes. David Pangrazio was on hand tonight and starting on the pole, with Bad Brad Shepard on the outside. Problems from the start for the 136 which gave the lead to to Brad's 1p. Nice driving by the front runners Brad, Austin, Samantha Burch, Mike Taddonio and more, weaving through lap traffic starting on lap seven.

Samantha Burch must have taken offence when I said she seems to finish better when she has to come back through the field. This week she started third, made it to second at one time, and finished fourth. It didn't look as easy as I made it sound either. Shows what I know about woman! In the end it was to the 1P taking his ninth feature win in 2014 at Raceway5. I looked for Brad but he was no where to be found. Wait, I forgot he finally did find time in his schedule for an interview.

"The track tonight felt fast, but it was slick". "we threw the kitchen sink at the car this week and luckily everything worked." Thanks to Babbitt Automotive that help Brad considerably this week, Rick Can Fix It, Shepard Fabrication, D. C. Enterprises, C&C Archery, Caledonia RV, Byron Repair, Fastec Automotive, and NAPA. Thank to his daughter, wife, Doug Janes, Brother Brandon, and any others he may have forgotten or who may have interrupted my interview!! Austin Kotarski, Carl Stephens, Samantha Burch and Ed Neal finished right behind Brad.

Now for the thirty lap, $1000 to win Johnny's Bar 360 Late Models. Not only was there some great racing in the feature, but you should have seen the heats. Just awesome watching drivers this skilled, showing respect for each other racing door to door and racing clean. Jared Hill's 57j started on the pole with Glenn Whritenour in the #15 to his right. Unfortunately it wasn't Jared's night and he would be towed off the track on lap five.

Jimmy Johnson in the 93j would put up a fight for first place, then with Mike Wonderling jr, and Dave Dubois in the 012 for most of the race. Again, sweeeeet. Jim Johnson jr, Jon Rivers and Adam Depuy, Mike Wonderling in the Z1, Scooter, Tom Kemp, all put on great battles all race long. Gregg got a good restart on lap 6 while Mike in the #18 picked the wrong side which allowed Gregg to pull away some. The #15 seemed to have the race in hand until final lap, coming out of turn two trying to pass a lap car. They touch, Gregg goes low into the row of scraped clay around the inside of the track.

Gregg never lifts, goes airborne and is able to drive out the small clearing. Problem now is that the #18 car is right there at his right side door going into four. They cross in the corners and at the line it was Gregg ahead by only a half a car length. What a job by both to keep it clean and give us a heck of a show. "I got to thank all my crew, my Dad, my family. It's a big team effort that makes this thing do what it does". Thanks to sponsors like Carl B Trucking, Butler Trucking Systems, Painters Meat Processing, Lightspeed Tele data Networks, Baxter Bakers, and D.J.'s Custom Taxidermy. Mike Wonderling jr, Jim Johnson, Jim Johnson jr and Adam Depuy complete the top five.

Last out tonight for the points racing were the Mazur Auto Repair Sportman. Slowed by only a few cautions, these boys turned it up to 11 and made it exciting the entire race. The unsponsored #71v started outside pole, made the initial pass on the #12 and never relinquished the lead. Another race where how you handled lap traffic depended on where you finished. Shannon Whaley's #44 was following John, with Rob Pratt behind him. Shannon was hoping for the slightest mistake by John that just didn't happen.

"The car could have been a lot better. We pulled on the track with only one brake working. Five to go and we...blew the motor up, so luckily we were able to make it to the end.." The car actually dies coming out of turn four on the cool down lap. This car is for sale and John said that he just ordered new frame a body for next year. Thanks from John to his wife, family, Mom and everybody who has been supportive of his racing this year. BTW if you did sponsor John, YOU NAME WOULD BE RIGHT HERE!!! Current points leader Shannon Whaley was second ahead of Rob Pratt, Kyle Inman, and Pjil Vigneri jr.

Last on the night were the Mechanics Races. I am missing some names on the list, so will do the best I can. For the Street Stocks, it looks like Gail Logsdon that won that battle in Mike Jackson's #9. The Mini Stock winner was the #89 car of Samantha Burch and was driven by big guy. 360 Late Models race was won by Mark Sundt in Beamer Guzzardi's #12. For the Sportsman the winner was Kyle Inman's 20k and sorry but I didn't get his name either. All the drivers did a great job and special thanks to all the car owners who allowed their cars to be driven by others and to give them the thrill of racing.

Next week is Season Championship ALL classes and Double points. The night is brought to you by All the workers at Raceway5. Take a minute and say thank you to the staff and crew that makes this possible week in and out. Don't thank me cause I already know I'm all that and big ole bag of chips. Don't thank Ferris either since that would go like this. "Hey Ferris, thanks for....um.... all that....errr... oh, last week... no, that was Burt...ahhh... what is it you do here again? As a special treat to all you drivers, I will also be the Race Director next week. You're welcome.

The only class that has the Championship settled already is the Bandit class, so you won't want to miss this one. Hope to see you all there for the end of the points battle. Especially any guys named "Chris".

Giddy Up!!

Mazur Auto Repair Sportsman
Heat Winners:Phil vigneri III, Justin Wright, Kyle Inman
Feature Finish: John Venuto, Shannon Whaley, Rob Pratt, Kyle Inman, Phil Vigneri jr, Phil Vigneri III, Chuck Kuhn, Shane O'Grady, Brian Bellinger, Gordon Hermanson jr, Jim Zimmerman, Tim Downs, Tony Pangrazio, Matt Radzio, Ron White, Justin Wright, Sarah Johnson, Ed Diltz

Johnys Bar 360 Late Model
Heat Winners: Mike Wonderling, Whritenour, Adam Depuy,
Feature Finish: Glenn Whritenour, Mike Wonderling jr, Jim Johnson, Jim Johnson jr, Adam Depuy, Jon Rivers, Mike Wonderling, Scooter Pangrazio, Tom Kemp, Rich Hale, Beamer Guzzardi, John McKay, Carl Shetler, Jared Hill, Tom Baker

Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stock
Heat Winners: Nathan Daggett, Josh Pangrazio
Feature Finish: Josh Pangrazio, Butch Zimmerman, Nathan, Daggett, Mike Jackson, Mike Childrose, Bob Babbitt, Byron Dewitt, Kenny Begnouche, Jason Rumsey, Bill Kowsky, Jesse Qutermous

Rivers Performance Mini Stock
Heat Winners: Mike Taddonio, Austin Kotarski, David Pangrazio
Feature Finish: Brad Shepard, Austin Kotarski, Carl Stephens, Samantha Burch, Ed Neal, Josh Farmer, Damian Long, Scott Williams, Ryan Allen, Josh Diltz, Jim Higgins, Chuck Hughes, Mike Taddonio, Lauren Dubios, Fred Baldwin, Deanna Shepard, David Pangrazio, Gary Williams, Duane, Powers

D. C. Enterprise Bandit
Heat Winners: David Bohn
Feature Finish: Dante Mancuso, David Bohn jr, Andrew Doran, Tommy Cooper, Hala Allen, Cole Hicks, Tiffany Rumsey

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