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Article for September 5th 2015

Much Like Annette, the 2015 Raceway5 Season Is In The Bag.

I have to get in my shots while I still can.

Well, well well. Jim and Annette started this ride in 2011 and tonight it is unofficially over. Annette is exploring options to keep the track, so the nightmare, I mean dream for many may not be over. For myself and others, this is 99.9% chance our last ride. I'll leave that .1% just in case someone backs up a dump truck full of cash at my house.

With that in mind, allow me a moment to reflect before getting to the good stuff. I was born, a poor black child...wait, that was in a movie. It was the best of time, it was the worst of time...darn...book. Let's just start this way, I met some really awesome people, and really awful people. Luckily for me, it's easy to forget the awful. So many people made a real effort like we did to support the track. Dave Dubois (012 LM), Byron Dewitt (34 SS), Phil jr and Phil Vigneri III, and even Brian Kotarski (at times). I know I am forgetting others so please forgive me if I forgot your name, but these and others went above and beyond to help promote the track. For that, we truly thank you, more than words can express.

With that said, there is a special place in Heaven for people who would do whatever it takes to help help friends, and people out anyway they can. We at Raceway5 simply cannot find the words to thank Mike and Maryjo Logsdon enough. Maryjo helping Annette at the track, and just being herself. Making everyone at the track feel welcome whether she knew you or not. I had several comments this year especially from fans says what a nice worker she was. I had to correct them saying she didn't work here, she's just one of the nicest people you'll meet.

As for Mike, literally, not figuratively, but l i t e r a l l y, Mike saved more than one night of racing to come fix equipment on a moments notice. The track could not afford to have someone come in and fix the machines broke down on the track, so quickly. Mike would never take any money from Annette. He built the grader from a couple pieces of equipment, just so we could have one. Then to keep it running, was more than we could have asked. Offering advice based on his experience, not a bad word about anyone, Mike and Mary Jo are truly individuals that today's younger generation should try to become. The world would be a much better place. Let me qualify this by saying, that I may pump up a race to make it more exciting. I DO NOT do that when speaking of individuals, and this paragraph is 100% mine, Richard's Annette's and many others, honest feelings. THANK YOU BOTH for just being who you are.

On the opposite side, there are those who's self worth is so pathetic, they only feel good when they are putting down others. I get the "had a bad night", "didn't agree with that call" discussions at the track. I am referring to the those who only do this online, and the those who do this every week. I'm sorry you can't see the good things in life. I'm sorry you that you are so shy, you can't express your thoughts in person at the track. I'm sorry that you spend so much energy on being hateful. This is all the thought and energy I have for you.

On with the racing news. Championship Night was sponsored by Johnny's Bar. Speaking of what which both Alice and Linda Mazur were inducted into the Hall of Fame last night. Both have done so much to promote local racing over the years They have sponsored the 360 Late Model class, drivers and nights at the track. Not to mention having a son (Jim) and grandson (Jj) that race. Please swing into Johnny's Bar in Batavia and Thank them for supporting racing.

Tonight we also had the Micro Sprints at the track. The heats got a little confusing and that was the fault the track officials, including me. Luckily with the help of Chuck Mogavero, we got it straightened out and what a show. There were twelve 600's in all, and ten reported to the track for the feature. These cars put on a heck of show, and if you don't believe me, ask a fan. The #15c car piloted by Cheyenna Ling had the early lead with #47x and #81 driven by Dylan Westbrook and (you should know the name) Tyler Walker respectively.

Tyler and Cheyenna battled for a few laps for the lead and put on a great show in the process. Then in turns one and two with lap traffic, Tyler made a great pass and took over the top spot. In a word "exciting". Tyler would hold on for the lead the remaining five laps to take another 600 Micro Sprints feature win at Raceway5. I didn't have my recorder on for the on track interview. I uploaded Tyler's interview so check it out by clicking HERE.

We also had the 270 Micro Sprints tonight with three cars reporting for the feature. Rick Francis in the 1F was on the pole, and this guy shot around the track like he had raced here his entire life. Behind Rick were the #28 of George Stymus and 8k driven by Chad Douglas. You could have thrown a net to cover both cars they were so close. However neither had anything for Rick and he would take home the victory on the night. Recorder issues again, so check out the video of his interview HERE.

The D. C. Enterprise Bandit drivers took to the track and started with a scary moment. Tiffany Rumsey in the 09 and Jessica Traxler (34j) made contact when the green was dropped and both hit the front stretch wall. Jessica's car actually made it over the wall. Both drivers were OK. Credit also should be given to the other drivers behind them who avoided the wreck and didn't add to damage. Great job! Also a really nice job by Mike Dugan, Jim Pixley, Brian Ace and Barber. They lifted the 34 car over the wall and set it down on all four wheels. They did this with out further damaging the car, and completed it in a minimum amount of time.

Once the race got under way Dante took the lead and held it through some early race cautions. David Bohn was forty five points behind Dante, and unfortunately bad luck was riding with David. Two early cautions put him at at the back of the pack, and he would rally for a top three finish. Dante on the other hand was having a great race leading. Andrew Doran in the #18 was right there behind Dante for almost every lap. That was until lap ten when Andrew was finally able to get by for the lead, and his third victory (I think) on the season. Andrew thanked his Dad and Mom, and crew Johnny and Brandon. Andrew finally has a sponsor

Dante would finish second and repeat with his his second Bandit Point Championship in a row. The Johnson Automotive, Buffalo Forklift, Mancuso Limos and Buses, Cesar's Auto and Cobra Lifting, Mom, Dad, Grandpa, all his friends and fans. Dante, David Bohn jr, Cole Hicks, and Tommy Cooper are the nights top five.

Watch both interviews HERE

Last on the night, second track regular show features are the Rivers Performance Mini Stocks, with Brad Shepard on the pole as the points leader. It was the fast 27m of Mike Taddonio would would lead the early, middle and ending laps of the race to take another feature win on the season.

Brad was a close second place until turn 3 on lap six. That's when Brad's rear tire decide to roll to in the infield while Brad's car when over the turn, and almost over on it's top. Austin Kotarski's car went up on smoke on the heat. Andrew Doran's team was kind enough to let Austin borrow his car for the feature and Austin ran in the top five most of the night.

Mike's car was hooked up well, and nights victory was his. Thanks to Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, Girlfriend Tory and son Camden, sisters and sponsors Paul Gevenda Engines (they work harder than he does) 360 Financial, KAM Home Services, H. A. Myer Farms. Deanna had another strong finish in second with Dalton Martin (136) Daniel Brumstead (44) and Billy Dubios (21B) finishing up the top five.

Mike's interview is here.


Brad's 2015 Points Championship Interview here


Moving along to the Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stocks and their (caution filled) feature event. With Byron Dewitt's #34 car on the pole, the other drivers knew this wouldn't be an easy win for them (like any win against Byron is easy..). Bob Babbitt in the #2 car was right there behind Byron in the early laps until John Gagner in the #3j took over second spot. John was looking for a win though, and not just a good finish trying what he could to get past Byron.

Byron was finally able to make his dream come true and become the Raceway5 2015 Street Stock Points Champion. Byron was emotional during his interview that speaks to his character and desire to the the best in the class. Many thanks to Mike Logsdon a very emotional big thanks to his girlfriend Gail. Ricky Cooper was another person who has been there with Byron for quite a while. Bob Shepard family Heating and Plumbing, Affordable Floor Covering, Covington Storage, S & K Fabrication, BW's Restaurant and Banquet Facility, Rick Can Fix It, and D. C Enterprise. John Gagner, Mike Jackson in the #9 who had a good year, Bob Babbitt, and Ryan Allen in the 34x followed him across the line. Watch Byron's interview HERE

Here is Byron's interview


Onward, we move to the Johnny's Bar 360 Late Models race. So it's just before 9:30 and keeping within the 11:00pm curfew (at this time we had three of the longest features to go), I'm running through the options to ensure we are done in time. All that wasted thinking, we just needed the 360's to go green to checkered. DONE!

Dave Dubois in the 012 was on the pole with Tommy Kemp in the #28 right behind him. Then just about half way through, Dave went high on a lap car in turns one and two, Tommy went low, and the high side won. As with the past couple weeks, if second place gets hung up, they just can't make up the lost ground. Tommy was back with the dual feature winner Bill Holmes in the #65 and Rich Hale's 001.

Dave was able to capture his one millionth (slight exaggeration) Feature win in the 012 rocket. Dave gave the credit to his team and all the work they put in along with his Parents and entire family. Special thanks to his sponsors Batavia Legal Printing, Nine-Ten Builders, Fastenal, Backwoods Hydro Dipping, L&L Transmission, Scribner's Tube Welding, East Coast Tire, and Batavia Starter.

Here is Dave's interview.


Wrapping up the 2015 racing season, here comes the Mazur Auto Repair Sportsman feature. Shannon Whaley in the #44 was on the pole. Shannon was in reach of second and third place, and only 4 points separated second and third Phil Vigneri III's 47v and the v17 of John Venuto. A multi car accident on lap 2, plus a couple other cautions would give way to a caution free second half of the race.

When the double checkers waved, it was again Shannon Whaley taking home another win on the season, and the 2015 Raceway5 Sportsman Track Championship. Shannon thanked his friends and family that come out each week and of course his crew. Also Davis Trailer World, T&M Precision, Happy Hill Maple Products, McKenzie Landscaping, Valley Sand and Gravel, Chaddock Performance, and Pavilion Drainage Great season by the #44 team again. Second (and jumping up a spot in the pints) was John Venuto, (no third place finisher...technically) Phil Vigneri III in fourth, and the #14 of Shane O'Grady rounding out the top five.

Shannon's interview below.


So, enough is enough is enough. My last race article, my last points tally, my last results sheet, and my last video. What am i going to do with my new found free time? It's like getting a billion dollars, not sure where I'll spend it first.

Don't tear up, we still have the Enduro on September 12th, and the Banquet on September 20th. You'll see me again, but only if you look. Stay tuned though for what next year will bring for Raceeway5!!

Giddy Up!!

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