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Article for May 16th, 2015

Mancuso, Shepard, Dubois Return to their Winning Ways

An action packed night of racing at Raceway5 started out in the heats. Deana Shepard's following her fathers foot steps won her first official Mini Stock heat in the #17d. She also won last week, and due to the rain in the heats, the event was canceled, and so were the results. Brad also won his heat, with the #10 of Austin Kotarski right behind him, and after a classic battle between them. To wrap up the heat battles, Jim and Jimmy Johnson put on a show for the fans in their one, two finish with the 93j beating out his sons 39j. Perhaps Dad was holding something back in jr's set up. Sad Jim, just sad.

In no particular order, I'm starting with the Mazur Auto Repair Sportsmen Feature. Nineteen cars strong these ladies and gentlemen put on a great race. The official results are still pending due to a protest, and that does not take away from the great battle between the #94j of Sarah Johnson and the #44 of Shannon Whaley. They started second and third with Sarah leading all but the last lap.

Literally door to door, and nose to tail the entire race. Clean racing, well except for a little dust, the entire feature. Battles from front to back with John Venuto coming from ninth place to finish in the top 3, unofficially. Only one caution slowed the event and that is a huge credit to all the drivers and crews. The fans got their moneys worth, and there was plenty more action before and after this race. the unofficial top five finishers are #44 Shannon Whaley, v17 John Venuto, 94j Sarah Johnson, 7b Brian Bellinger and the 20k of Kyle Inman.

The Yasses Trucking and Construction Street Stocks Had several laps were the pole sitter #2 Bob Babbitt Butch Zimmerman in the #0 and Byron Dewitt's #34 were fighting for position. Bob worked his #2 car out to a few car length lead which left Byron and Butch to put on a show for second. Byron was finally able to gain the spot on lap nine and then a lap sixteen caution bunched the field back up again. Still a great battle but the order would not change and Bob was able to take his first feature win home on the young racing season. The final order at the line were Bob Babbitt, Byron Dewitt, Butch Zimmerman, #3 JJ Mazur and Mike Childrose in the 18d finishing fifth.

The D. C. Enterprise Bandits with eleven cars showcased the finest young up and coming drivers. The 24 of Cole Hicks started on the pole for the event that saw Cole, Dante Mancuso and David Bohn three wide coming out of turn two. From there David's #14 car was able to keep pace with the #1 for several laps until lap traffic help Dante pull ahead a half a straight away or more.

The caution free event also saw Cole Hicks and the #98 of Cole Susice fighting for a spot the entire event. Cole, no not that Cole, the other one, Cole Hicks held the spot up until lap 11. Then Cole, yes, that Cole, Cole Susice was able to use lap traffic to come home in third. After Dante was the David Bohn, Cole Susice, Cole Hicks and Hala Allen. Have to give a shout out to Hala and her #28a car with a top five finish. Nice job young lady.

On the pole in the Rivers Performance Mini Stock was bad Brad Shepard with his lovely Daughter Deana (not Dena) on the outside. The coming across the starting line, Brad put his daughter in the wall. Not really, I just want to start some family drama for Brad. Like his car, life is too good for Brad right now. Deana did get shuffled back when we finally got a lap in, which left Dad in the 1p, Bill Weller jr in the #69 and fast Austin Kotarski in third and Mike Taddonnio with the 27m in fourth.

The early laps saw these cars going hard and fast with each other for a shot at the lead. Austin was doing whatever he could to get past the #69 car and putting on heck of a show. Going around a lap car in turn 3 had Austin up high going into one, contact, and the #69 went over the bank. On the restart Mike was able to start four cars back of the leader, and finish lap nine is second place. By then Brad had enough of a lead to win the race and take home his second feature win on the season in the Rick Can Fix it, RCA Quality Home, Shepard Fabrication, C & C Archery, D. C. Enterprises #1p. Eric Brumstead, Mike Taddonio, Ed Neal in the #70 and Brain Monahan's #36 are your top five finishers. We would also like to welcome Nick Snayczak back to the track. Great to see you here running the top side and making it work.

Listen to Brad's interview below.


Last and certainly not least, our Johnny's Bar 360 Late Models. Jimmy Johnson in the 39j started on the pole with Dad's 93j starting outside. The student became the teacher and Jimmy was able to pull out in the lead, while Dad slipped back to third. He says it, she says it, and others say it. Let me state that when I say they were door to door and nose to tail, that is exactly what Jimmy and Dave Dubois in the 012 were racing.

There were a couple of cautions on lap and one and two, and then the show began. Dave was inside, outside, any side he could think of to get around Jim in the39j. The young Mr. Johnson was having none of it for 12 laps. Then the 39j got caught up with a lap car and cut down a tire. The caution waved and Jimmy was able to get a new tire and make it back to the track for the green. Then, not to be outdone by his son, Jim in the 93j cut down a right front and brought out the caution a lap later. Man that family is competitive at everything.... even cautions.

Six laps later and the double checkers waved with Dave Dubois winning his second feature of 2015 at Raceway5. I sense a trend here, and not sure it will hold true. Both Johnson boys, Tommy Kemp, John Zimmerman and other are all running well this year. I have a feeling the points champion will be decided in the last race, on the last lap in last corner. I love it! John Zimmerman, #65 Bill Holmes, Tom Kemp in the #28 and Jimmy "I'm faster than my Dad...again" Johnson in fifth.

Take a Listen to Dave's interview.


Listen to Jimmy Johnson's Post Race Interview.


Enjoy the awesome Sunday weather we're having. Don't be sitting inside looking at it through a screen like me. Well, in general, don't do anything like me. I could do irreparable damage to your reputation. Next week is also the Gene Dewitt Memorial Street Stock $500 to win Race, sponsored by Byron Dewitt. Enjoy the day, the week, and most importantly, I hope you enjoyed the article. That was a test. If you really did enjoy the article, you need to get out more!

Giddy Up!!
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