12/13/2014 3:20 PM

2014 crate sportsmen rules only exceptions to rules are as follows:
1.2 Crates Weight is 2400 - Open Weight is 2500.
1.3 Open Motor 590 gear. . Crate Motor can run up to a 630 gear.
1.4 With Gear change above, there is no rev box rule
1.5 Steel or aluminum wheels.
1.6 LF: 26.0x10.5-15 DT/SH - RF: 26.0x10.5-15 DT - LR: 27.5x11.0-15 DTW - RR: 29.0x11.0-15 DTW. ANY TIRE SIZE NOT BIGGER THAN 29x11x15 IS LEGAL
1.7 Race gas.
1.8 No Tri-y headers allowed.
    Open motor rules: CHEVY350c.i. 4.00"bore x3.480 stroke. MAX. over bore Chevy 350 +.070"
    CHRYS.360 c.i. 4.00" bore x3.578" stroke   340 c.i. 4.04" bore x3.313" stroke. MAX. over bore Chry 360 +.020" - 340 +.060
    FORD 351 c.i. 4.00" bore x3.5" stroke. MAX. over bore Ford 351 +060

1 BLOCKS: The engine block and all internal parts must meet stock specifications for its make. No aluminum blocks.

2. CYLINDER HEADS: Cast iron OEM stock production heads, or Dart 180, Chevy bow tie. Chrys W-2, Ford competition are permitted. All identification numbers must be visible. Porting is allowed but no adding of material any where on head allowed.

3 RODS: OEM stock production or aftermarket solid steel rods are allowed.No titanium.aluminum,or billet rods allowed.No polished rods. Rod lengths must be OEM specs for block used.

4 CRANKSHAFT: Any steel or cast iron crankshaft allowed providing it maintains stock stroke as manufactured for the engine block used. Aftermarket OEM replacement crankshafts with holes drilled through crank pins are allowed providing they maintain stock appearance and specs. No light weight cranks. No knife edging, narrowing, or cutting down diameter of counter weights. No polishing.

5 PISTONS: Any brand, 3 ring flat top piston aluminum piston only. No coating of any kind.

6 CAMSHAFT: Any make hydraulic or flat tappet allowed. No rollers, roller gear driven cams, mushroom lifters or lash caps allowed. Shaft rockers and stud girdles not allowed. Engines with stock shaft rockers are allowed. Roller rockers with optional ratios are allowed. Lifters must be OEM diameters.

7 INTAKE MANIFOLD: Must be a stock passenger car, cast iron 2 barrel intake manifold only.     An option aluminum four barrel, spec manifold may be used. The manufacturer is Brodix part #HV1011 for Chevy, Edelbrock part #2915 for chrys 340 heads, Edelbrock part #2920 for the chrys W-2 head, and Edelbrock part #2981 for the ford 351 windsor.
All intake manifolds on the non crate motor option may be ported. Can not add any material to intake.

8. CARBURETOR: Any American stock OEM2 barrel carburetor up to 1-11/16" throttle bore with with no adapter plate is legal on cast iron manifolds. The Holley carburetor,part# 4412 is acceptable and must run a maximum spacer adapter of 1-1/16" including gaskets. No modifications of any kind will be allowed to these carburetors except those listed below (box stock only). No HP carburetors allowed. Conventional round type air cleaners only. Air cleaners that provide ventilation through the top cover are permitted. No air induction plastic carburetor inserts or other devices to directs air into intake. Carburetor modifications allowed are listed below any thing else will be illegal:
     Holes drilled in throttle plates for idling.
     Drilling, tapping and plugging of on used vacuum ports.
     Welding of throttle shaft to linkage arm.
     Drilling for idle or high speed air correction jets.
     Milling of center carburetor body metering block surface a max. of .015" on each side.
     Removal of choke plate and shaft.
     Jets may be changed as needed.
     Either accelerator pump is allowed .

9. Site plug optoional in oil pan on drivers side of oil pan, towards the front of pan, 3 to 6 inches back OR be prepared to pull oil pan

**While the above rules offer a good outline, not everything can be covered by a written rule. If a car has a part that no one else has, and its not mentioned in rules, its not assumed legal. Ask first. If you want to run anything not covered ask Jim Mazur at 585-344-1656 or 585-472-1031 first before doing so. If you don’t ask and anything is found it will automatically be ruled illegal. Any item found illegal will be confiscated!