Street Stock    
12/13/2014 3:20 PM

#1 - Body
STOCK APPEARING BODIES ONLY! Can buy aftermarket body packages from 5 star Bodies or Performance Bodies or make your own bodies from steel or aluminum will be legal.
1.1 Any American made rear wheel drive car or pickup.
1.2 Minimum wheel base 107 in, 1 in tolerance.
1.3 Full frame cars may replace rear frame after kick ups with 2x3 tubing.
1.4 Uni-body cars may replace with 2x3 36in's back from center line of front wheels must go over top of rear end housing.
1.5 Minimum weight 2900 lbs 400ci minimum weight 3100 with driver.
1.6 4 point roll cage minimum of 4 door bars on drivers side front and rear hoops 1 1/2 .095 tubing minimum.
1.7 Stock steel body allowed optional aftermarket aluminum body must be stock appearing. Must run stock nose tail optional. 4 " spoiler allowed with 4" sides. (example Performance P/N PB0541150).
1.8 Must run full rear bumper must be at least 12 inches off ground.
1.9 Cars must be presentable.
1.10 Max body width 82 inches.

#2 - Front Suspension
2.1 All suspension and steering components must be OEM and in stock location with the exception of upper control arm may be tubular. Tie rods may be replaced with hiems.
2.2 Steering quickners allowed.
2.3 Steel Body Shocks only. No Schader Valvels allowed. NO Adjustable shocks Allowed. $100 claimer on shocks (per shock)
2.4 Jacking bolts allowed on all 4 corners

#3 - Rear Suspension
3.1 Leaf springs allowed.
3.2 No pull bars. No three links. No traction devices. No Panhard Bars allowed
3.3 Floater rear ends allowed. No Gundrilled Axles allowed. No lite weight gears. ONLY Steel spools.
3.4 Rear end mounts MUST be within 2 inches of Factory.
3.4 Sliders on rear of leaf springs allowed

#4 - Engine
4.1 All engines must remain stock stroke configuration for manufacturer and cubic inch. Flat top or Dish pistons ONLY!! Pistons CAN NOT extend above deck!
4.2 602 sealed Crate Motor with 650 4 barrel carb Allowed!.
4.3 Maximum overbore GM 350+70ths, Ford 351+70ths, Chrysler 360 40ths GM 400 40ths.
4.4 Stock production blocks only.
4.5 No Porting or Polishing Cast iron cylinder stock production head, Dart SS heads P/N 10021070 or 10021010, Dart SS heads P/N 10021070 or 10021010. or Bowtie head and World products head allowed #043600, #043610 with stock valve size only!       Only Vortec heads allowed is #906 and #062. Valve size no larger than - INTAKE 1.940" / EXHAUST 1.500".
4.6 No roller cam.
4.7 Roller rockers allowed no shaft rockers unless factory.
4.8 Stock unaltered crank shafts.
4.9 Engine setback MAX. Center of number 1 spark plug hole in line with the center of the upper ball joint.
4.10 Factory stock distributors points or HEI.
4.11 12 volt system only.
4.12 Carburetor stock #4412 out of the box or #4412s. Carb must pass tech with track tech tools. No hp.
4.13 GM 602 crate motor intake is legal.
4.14 Aluminum option - Wieland Chevy #7546, #7547, #7547-1. Ford #7515, #7516. Chrysler #7545, #2920. Edelbrock Chevy #5001 #2101 #2116 Ford#5021 #5081#2760 Chrysler #5076.
4.15 Cast iron stock 2bl intake. No porting. No marine or military allowed.
4.16 Caburator adapters BRP377 or HV-301-1 Maximum thickness of adapter 1-1/8 adapter with gaskets 2 straight holes 1-11/16.
4.17 Stock type fuel pumps.
4.18 Headers allowed 1 5/8 tubes crossover headers allowed. No180 headers allowed. No step headers. No balance pipes. No 2 into1. 3in max pipes, must run mufflers, must exit past driver.
4.19 Site plug optoional in oil pan on drivers side of oil pan, towards the front of pan, 3 to 6 inches back OR be prepared to pull oil pan

#5 - Transmission, bell housing, driveshaft
5.1 Automatic or Standard Transmission. Automatic or Standard Transmission. Steel bell-housing or blanket. Bert and Falcon Transmission allowed
5.2 Steel driveshaft painted white.
5.3 Drive shaft loops mandatory 6in from front U-joint and one in middle shaft.

#6 - Brakes
6.1 4 wheel brakes mandatory.
6.2 OEM calipers and rotors.
6.3 Aftermarket brake master cylinder assembly legal.
6.4 >Remote brake adjusters allowed.

#7 - Tires and Wheels
7.1 8 in steel wheel max allowed, bead locks allowed.
7.2 Must have 1 inch steel lug nuts.
7.3 Tires - 26.5/8.0-15dt, 27.5/8.0-15dt. No snows. No aggressive thread.
8 inches wide and durometers 50 or harder cold. ANY TIRE QUESTIONS CALL AnnetteMAZUR

#8 - Other
8.1 Cold Air boxes are allowed.

**While the above rules offer a good outline, not everything can be covered by a written rule. If a car has a part that no one else has, and its not mentioned in rules, its not assumed legal. Ask first. If you want to run anything not covered ask Jim Mazur at 585-344-1656 or 585-472-1031 first before doing so. If you don’t ask and anything is found it will automatically be ruled illegal. Any item found illegal will be confiscated!